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Representing the Waukesha County community for the protection of Waukesha County's natural resources through dedicated grass-roots participation and action.

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    Waste Issues   


    Waukesha Bypass

  •  A Perfect Storm by Allen Stasiewski WEAL Transportation Team Leader 06/25/2015
  •  2013-2014 Waukesha By Pass Opposition .....read more
  • Opposition Mounting to Fight the Waukesha Bypass
    Join WEAL in the next big Highway battle in Waukesha County....the extension of the Waukesha Bypass.  The DOT still has an option on the table to build this 4 lane mega-highway through the Pebble Creek Environmental Corridor.  We can't let that happen!  Call Allen at 414-507-8358 to join our Bypass Planning Group!
    Read about Community Opposition to the Bypass


    Vernon Marsh


    Waukesha Water

Causes We Support

  • Rep. Slaughter reintroduces PAMTA in 112th Congress   March 2011 more info here
  • WEAL signs on to  Teaming with Wildlife - a natural investment  sign on letter  03/01/2011


Comments & Press

  • Hunting on Waukesha County Parkland:  Steve Schmuki, WEAL's President Interviewed.   WUWM Interview   July 25, 2011

        Note: "Regarding #7 of the DNR response, WEAL appreciates the DNR contacting Waste Management's site engineer asking for an electronic
        copy of the Feasibility Report to be sent to WEAL, however, WEAL never received one."