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Dear Friend of Waukesha County’s Environment,

As you may have read in our fall newsletter, membership renewals will now all be done at one time.  Rather than sending out renewals as they come due, we have decided to use a single renewal period.  And so whether your membership expired February, June, or October of 2012, all memberships are now due for renewal.  We'd like to thank you for your previous support and ask that you once again choose to support WEAL.  In recognition that many of you send in checks of $20 or $25 with your renewals, we have increased membership dues to $25.00, and for students, $10.00. 

This past year brought WEAL to many important projects.  We partnered with a number of local Brown County organizations to successfully stop the construction of a solid waste gasification plant.  Had this project not been stopped during the end stages of permitting, Brown County would have had the first gasification plant in the country!  During this past July, we were prepared to jointly present with Waukesha County, a Pay As You Throw presentation to the City of Waukesha’s Board of Public Works.  However, the afternoon of the planned presentation, a blogger from the Waukesha Freeman was able to put a stop to the whole presentation, citing concerns about the County partnering with outside groups.  And over the summer, we worked with the Brewers to pilot a more active recycling program with tailgaters in the parking lots. 

In transportation, we are continuing discussions with the Department of Transportation (DOT) regarding damages and settlements for the Highway J case.  As you may recall, we (along with the Highway J Citizens Group) won our lawsuit against the DOT for the expansion of Highway J in Washington County.  Using that case as precedent, we filed comments with the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) opposing the Waukesha West Bypass. And we have helped to form a separate group of concerned citizens focused on stopping the Bypass.  We are waiting for the DNR to respond to our comments and strategizing about our next move. 

Whether it’s waste issues, transportation, or land use, you can bet that WEAL will be paying attention and taking action where necessary.

Won’t you please help us continue WEAL’s important work by completing and mailing (to the address below) the renewal form that is enclosed? Or renew on-line at our re-vamped website.  The address is the same as before: www.weal.org. You can also connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.    


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