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City Will Lose Bid For Lake Michigan Water Now

Posted on November 4, 2012 at 7:25 AM

When the city of Waukesha's bid for Lake Michigan water is denied in a year or two, we will be able to look back to September 18, 2012 as the date the city placed the final nail in the bid's coffin.  That's the date that the city purchased the Lather Well Field just south of the city.  By officially purchasing the Lather Well Field the city officially announced that it indeed does have an alternative to Lake Michigan water!  The city cannot say that it has no other sustainable source of water in one breath and then pay half a million dollars for 12.5 acreas of land for wells in the next.  City residents should be outraged that the city is even wasting it's time and money on this!  It's a game of high stakes poker and the city just played a losing hand! 

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