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Latest News & Comments

Latest News & Comments

West Waukesha Bypass EIS is Complete

Posted on September 23, 2014 at 10:20 AM

The final West Waukesha Bypass EIS is complete and is now available for viewing on the Waukesha County website. Click here.


The public comment period began on September 19th. Comments on the EIS are due by October 20th. Instructions (US mail address & e-mail address) are on the Bypass website. You can submit your comments these ways.


We encourage you to write comments! The more interest from the public the better! Please express your opposition to the bypass in any terms that you are comfortable with. It's also good to address specific concerns with the EIS if you can. We realize how busy everyone is. So, one idea is to just identify one section and review that section, or even just a few paragraphs that interest you, and then address that specific section or area. Your comments can be short or long, just please submit them!


Coalition Steering Team members are reviewing the document and we will send out updates over the next month. We believe that there will be another public hearing after the comment period. The Steering Team will send official comments from the Coalition. You do not need to live in the project area. This project will use City and County (Waukesha) and State and Federal Funds. This impacts all of us! Building this bypass will take scarce funds away from other more needed maintenance projects state-wide!


If you have any question please respond to this e-mail or call Allen at 414-507-8358.


Please get active and help defeat this terrible highway expansion project. Each step of the way the public has come out overwhelmingly in opposition to this Bypass yet planners continue to plan the Bypass as if everyone is in support of it! We have to keep saying it! This is an expensive unnecessary project! Fix what we have! Please submit your comments today!


Thank You!


Coalition Opposed to the West Waukesha Bypass

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