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Protecting Waukesha County's Natural Resourses since 1978

Latest News & Comments

Latest News & Comments

Waukesha Freeman Letters to the Editor

Posted on October 10, 2014 at 7:35 AM


Waukesha Freeman 10/09/2014, Page A05

Recognize efforts of school boards this week


To the editor: The Kettle Moraine School District joins with school districts throughout the state to salute their local education leaders during Wisconsin School Board Appreciation Week Oct. 5-11.


The commemorative week is designed to recognize the contributions made by Wisconsin’s school board members, including the Kettle Moraine School Board, who are charged with governing public education under state law.


Wisconsin school board members are chosen by their communities to manage local schools. They oversee multimilliondollar budgets which fund education programs for more than 874,000 students in 424 public school districts. Their personnel decisions affect thousands of teachers, administrators and support workers.


These volunteer leaders are ultimately responsible for formulating school district policy, approving curricula, maintaining school facilities, and adhering to state and federal education law. Legal concerns and the complexities of school finance, including budgeting and taxation, require them to spend many hours in board training programs and personal study to enhance their understanding of these issues.


Our deepest appreciation is extended to the dedicated men and women who make it possible for local citizens to participate in education in our community. We salute the public servants of the Kettle Moraine School Board whose commitment and civic responsibility make local control of public schools in our community possible: Gary Vose, president; Dennis Krueger, vice president; Terri Phillips, Clerk; David Zeier, treasurer; Colin Butler, Jay Crouse and Kathy Kapsy.


Please join us by saying thanks to our school board members during Wisconsin School Board Appreciation Week.


Patricia F. Deklotz


Superintendent Kettle Moraine School District Wales


Walker’s policies set wrong direction for state families


To the editor: I am not an environmentalist against mining, a disgruntled unionized teacher and I surely am not against tax breaks. I am a parent and my priority and goal as a parent is to provide a clean, safe and stable environment that nurtures the health and education of my children. When I contemplate who to vote for in November I won’t concern myself with political parties, corporate America or special interest groups. My vote will be solely rooted in the best interests of my family.


In a recently run campaign ad our governor claims to have given Wisconsinites an average $322 tax break per household. In my house the tax break only amounts to $276 for the year. However, many of the deductions and incentives my family previously qualified for have been reduced or eliminated, totaling $1,800 in lost income.


Freezing tuition as a reactive response to the University of Wisconsin’s $900,000,000-plus cash surplus was necessary to avoid political suicide. However, my son who is in the UW System faces outrageously expensive tuition and ridiculously high room and board rates. My son and his three roommates pay $15,200 for 7 1/2 months of on-campus rent and restaurant prices for on-campus food catered by a Minnesota company. My younger children are enduring combined classes and larger class sizes complicated by reduced staff. School fees have increased, however, there has been a dramatic reduction in benefits. Also, many districts (including ours) have minimized student resources and programs.


The Canadian company Gogebic Taconite, whose U.S. interests are located in Florida, donated $700,000 directly and indirectly to the efforts of our governor. This mining company also played a vital role in rewriting the bill that weakened our environmental laws and paved the way to their objective, the world’s largest open-pit iron mine. Similar to the Minnesota catering company, the profits from the mine won’t stay in Wisconsin.


As if that were not enough, Wisconsin crime rates are up, new job creation is stagnant and I recently found out our governor accepted $100,000 from the family of the owner of the Chicago Cubs. As a Brewers fan I wouldn’t keep a home run ball hit by a Cub, much less accept money.


With cuts to education reaching $1,100,000,000, environmental protections weakened and my household income slashed as a direct result of Walker’s actions I asked myself one simple question: Do I feel more secure about my children’s future now then I did four years ago? My politically unaffiliated answer is honestly and unequivocally NO!


Patrick T. Glover




County doesn’t need bypass


To the editor: It is interesting the pro-bypass comments seem to forget that this bypass will have two major impacts deteriorating our city and town.


1.) We neither need, nor do we want to provide opportunities for more cheap unattractive housing, strip malls and a means for large trucks to plow through making loud noise and using Jake brakes. The key word here is “need.” If it were truly “needed” it would not have been on the books smoldering for so long. This is a prime example that bad ideas seldom get better with time. It is my view that the proposed bypass is a thinly veiled attempt by special interests in the real estate and construction sectors to reap monetary gain at the expense of our pretty landscape and environment. It’s nothing to do with “need” or safety or population growth. Don’t be deceived. If people are really concerned about traffic safety, here’s a novel idea .... SLOW DOWN!


2.) We will be destroying a water recharge area, the Pebble Creek watershed. Once this important hydrologic area is gone, then it is gone forever. The Environmental Impact Statements do nothing more than sort out the least destructive options. It is not a statement that what is proposed is good or bad for our environment.


We should write our politicos and demand maintenance for the beautiful road we are so lucky to have. Make bike lanes and put a stoplight or roundabout at the intersection of Summit and TT.


Fiscally, road maintenance is a smart thing to do. For our kids and families of the future Waukesha, it is wise foresight.


Gregory Siragusa, Ph.D.



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