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Latest News & Comments

Latest News & Comments

Waukesha Freeman Thursday October 15, 2014

Posted on October 15, 2014 at 9:15 PM

Waukesha Freeman 10/15/2014, Page A06





Bypass plans too expansive


To the editor: The proposed West Waukesha Bypass is overdesigned, more extensive than is necessary and will be an unjustified tax burden. What is missing from the project Environmental Impact Statement is a staged approach mixed with spot improvements, a recognition of the lack of certainty about future traffic projections and the perhaps unseen capacity of the public to live with a less than perfect roadway. The project Environmental Impact Statement is out for our comment until Oct. 20.


This design may represent the conventional approach taken by the engineering profession. Their design results in the best design they can present. But, it may be more than we want to pay for.


I have lived just west of Highway TT for 40 years. When I moved here, I knew that Meadowbrook Road (Highway TT) was the longrange corridor for the west bypass. In the last few years I supported the bypass initiative, seeing it as the logical projection of the past. I travel Meadowbrook Road every day. The traffic is a nuisance, but I now realize I don’t need to have the easiest traffic flow for me.


Traffic on TT thins the further south you go. It isn’t any different than what I experience in other areas of the region. I don’t buy the allegation that it is cheaper to do the whole job at one time, rather than piecemeal. By reducing the scale of the project, it provides for updated experience in having better design parameters for later stages. And, saving money now by not building roads we don’t need now is common sense. The public knows that.


I’ve now changed my mind as I think more of my neighbors will also.


Dennis Briley


City of Pewaukee


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