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Waukesha Freeman Saturday October 18th 2014

Posted on October 18, 2014 at 7:30 PM

West Waukesha Bypass unnecessary, wasteful

To the editor: The proposed West Waukesha Bypass to be built is:


Unnecessary: In all the times I’ve driven the proposed route, the traffic is not heavy enough to justify a fourlane road. Furthermore, Highway 83 is just a few miles west and is being expanded to four lanes.


Wasteful: Why spend money building yet another road when our existing roads are in poor shape? If the proposed route is improved, it would more than satisfy the requirements.


Damaging: The proposed bypass would damage the neighborhoods it passes through with pollution, noise and high-speed traffic. Furthermore, it is routed through the Pebble Creek Environmental Corridor where it will do untold damage with polluted runoff and noise.


Fiscally irresponsible: At a time when highway funds in inadequate to maintain existing roads, there is no point in spending $65 million-plus to build another road when we don’t have the money to maintain what we have already built.


Caryl McAllister




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