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Protecting Waukesha County's Natural Resourses since 1978

Latest News & Comments

Latest News & Comments

Can you make a few calls to save $55+ million and maintain our Quality of Life?

Posted on June 26, 2015 at 6:20 AM

 Bypass Opponent,


As you may have read, there is a lot of controversy over the Transportation portion of the State Budget. The West Waukesha Bypass is in jeopardy. We can't let up now!


Do you have 15 minutes to make some phone calls before the 4th of July?


Click on the link below and call as many Finance Committee members as possible starting on Friday. Every call will help.


Ask the legislator called to:

  • Reduce or eliminate entirely any borrowing to pay for highways in Wisconsin.
  • Ask the DOT to rein in its spending on new roads. The DOT should live within its means.
  • Encourage the DOT to maintain the roads we have and don't build new ones until a sustainable transportation funding source is found.
  • Eliminate the $55+ million dollar West Waukesha Bypass. Improve the route, but don't build more lanes. A huge 4-lane highway through a prime environmental corridor, neighborhoods, and farmland is unnecessary and should not be built! Many Waukesha County residents are opposed to it! In fact, a lawsuit will be filed soon to fight the West Waukesha Bypass. This will cost the State even more in legal fees!

 Please respond to this e-mail and let me know how many calls you make. This will help us monitor activity and plan next steps.

 Thank You!

Coalition Opposed to the West Waukesha Bypass

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