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Protecting Waukesha County's Natural Resourses since 1978

Latest News & Comments

Latest News & Comments

Concerns and Questions West Waukesha ByPass

Posted on May 1, 2016 at 1:10 PM

As a result of a request from our lawyers, the public comment period for recent changes to the West Waukesha Bypass has been extended until May 6, 2016. You may have received a card from Waukesha County and the DOT stating this. Interestingly the Card failed to inform people where to send their e-mail comments. I've pasted individuals e-mails and contact information below. As you may know the West Waukesha Bypass project has now been split into three separate projects.


Please visit the West Waukesha Bypass web site for detailed information on recent changes to the plans. The news is not good! Here are just a few of the concerns;


  • Still controversy over "sound barriers" and the big increase in noise expected due to increased truck and car traffic. Concerns over the "voting" for determining where they will be built if at all.
  • Lack of information about a pedestrian bridge over the Bypass to Meadowbrook School.
  • Concerns about safety. Contrary to what the Planners say the expansion of Merrill Hills Road and Hwy. TT into a 4 lane Bypass will actually make the route more dangerous. One only has tools at what has happened to the East Waukesha Bypass. Crash rates will increase in frequency and in severity to equal what currently occurs on the East Bypass route. Its telling that Bypass planners have not addressed this in their studies.
  • Questions about changes in local road configurations, including a new cul-de-sac on Green Lane.
  • Controversy of the change of the Route through the pebble Creek Environmental Corridor.
  • Concerns of the accuracy of Planners statements that the Bypass is being built to improve safety. The route will actually become more dangerous with increased truck traffic and higher speeds.
  • Questions about why the Bypass bridge over the RR Tracks at the south end of the bypass was eliminated.
  • Concerns about the construction of the proposed Glacial Drumlin Trail tunnel under the Bypass.
  • New Route through the Pebble Creek Corridor will destroy well-managed woodland and the rout will now impact valued Interior Forest Bird Habitat.
  • Concerns about the assessment of the impact to threatened bat habitat along the route. Bat populations are already being decimated by disease (white-nose).
  • Concerns about Real Estate acquisition along the route and whether property owners are aware of their rights.
  • Lack of information about hazardous materials found near the RR Tracks.
  • Concerns over how wetland fill permits will be issued and how the public will be made aware of public comment period for these permits.
  • Controversy over whether the County and DOT Planners can change so many aspects of the Bypass project and not be required to re-write the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) . Many people who have commented on the EIS are being disenfranchised by the process as they commented on a project that is no longer being proposed. There are major concerns about whether changes to plans have been adequately considered from all angles. This is especially true on the WIS 59 to USH 18 part of the project.
  • Questions over drainage due to the Bypass being built further on the slope in the Pebble Creek Environmental Corridor. Previously planners stated that hey had to move the route closer to Pebble Creek because of major drainage concerns if the Bypass had to be cut into the slope. Now they are stating that they are able to cut into the slope. Drainage questions have not been fully explained.
  • Lots of concerns over costs! The West Waukesha Bypass will cost approximately $56 million. Thats over $11 million a mile! Residents wonder why potholes on existing roads aren't being repaired before we expand existing highways we won't be able to afford to maintain.
  • Questions about how Bypass builders plan on keeping major highway water and air pollution and debris out of the pristine fen they aim to protect by re-routing the Bypass.
  • Concerns over Planners lack of commitment to the protection and replacement of high quality woodlands that will be impacted or destroyed due to this project.
  • Questions over the impact the Bypass will have on shallow water aquifers that the City of Waukesha my need to depend on for drinking water should their Great Lakes Diversion Application be denied.



Please write and express your concerns over proposed changes to the Bypass project. There are so many questions left to answer!


WIS 59 to USH 18


Doug Cain, P.E.

Wisconsin Department of Transportation

Project Manager

[email protected]

(262) 548-5603


USH 18 to Northview Road


Gary Evans, P.E.

Waukesha County Dept. of Public Works

Engineering Services Manager

[email protected]

(262) 548-7740


Northview Road to Rolling Ridge Drive


Margaret Liedtke, P.E.

City of Waukesha

Project Manager

[email protected]

(262) 524-3589


Please consider joining our fight against the Bypass by supporting our Bypass Legal Fund. You can contribute at or at gofundme.



Thank You!


Allen Stasiewski, on behalf of;

Coalition Opposed to the West Waukesha Bypass and Waukesha County Environmental Action League (WEAL)

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