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Protecting Waukesha County's Natural Resourses since 1978

Latest News & Comments

Latest News & Comments

Update: West Waukesha Bypass Legal Fight Continues

Posted on June 10, 2017 at 5:00 PM

Bypass Opponent,

I'm sorry that it's been a while since we've sent out a Bypass update. Why? To be honest we've been waiting for our lawsuit to get a hearing date. Now there are developments! First of all I want to assure you that our lawsuit is still very much alive! Second, I know that most of you know by now that the DOT has begin actual construction of the north section of the Bypass. Its really a mess. The whole area is all torn up, greenspace has been plowed under, and many many trees have been cut down! I'm so sorry for all those of you who live in this area. Your quality of life will never be the same!

As soon as we learned that construction had begun we contacted our legal team in Washington and discussed our options. A decision was made to ask the judge, who has been assigned our case, to expedite our hearing. This letter was sent in late May. I've pasted a final version of our letter below. We hope that this will help speed up our ruling! We have a good case against the Bypass and have worked hard to fight it for years. And now it's time for a judge to review the County and DOT's actions and the project's legal standing. Remember that so far, the whole bypass approval process has been a huge case of the fox guarding the hen house - The Federal Highway Commission approves the building of highways and decides whether all laws have been compiled with...not much of a surprise there. So it's time our case is finally decided by an impartial judge!

Our fight will continue. And our legal fees continue to grow. Can you please help us fight this project through all 3 phases. Please donate at Anything you can give will help. Whether it's $5 or $500 your donation is 100% applied to our fight. We have no overhead because we are all volunteers who care about our families and our environment and are committed to this fight! Please donate today. Be a part of something big! Help make our life here in Waukesha County better!


Allen Stasiewski

on behalf of the Coalition Opposed to the West Waukesha Bypass



Plaintiffs Waukesha County Environmental Action League and the Coalition Opposed to the West Waukesha Bypass, UA respectfully request that this Court expeditiously render a judgment on the pending cross-motions for summary judgment in light of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation’s (“WisDOT”) initiation of construction activities on the highway project at issue.

The briefing on the parties’ requests for summary judgment regarding Defendants’ compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act (“NEPA”) was completed on February 20, 2017. See ECF No. 38 (Plaintiffs’ Reply Brief). Without awaiting the Court’s ruling on the pending motions, however, WisDOT has initiated bulldozing and construction of new lanes on the north side of the Bypass route, as well as tree removal at various other locations along the proposed project route. Consequently, Plaintiffs respectfully urge the Court to issue a ruling on the merits of Plaintiffs’ NEPA claim as expeditiously as practicable.

DATED: May , 2017 Respectfully submitted,

/s/ Eric R. Glitzenstein

Eric R. Glitzenstein


4115 Wisconsin Avenue NW, Suite 210

Washington, DC 20016

Counsel for Plaintiffs

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