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Hwy 59 Bypass Extension

Posted on July 23, 2011 at 1:43 PM

It's time to cancel this huge $51+ million project. Its a road expansion looking for a reason! All this money for a new 4 lane highway when a few left hand turn lanes would speed traffic along! Sure, improve safety of the existing roads but lets not pretend that we need this new super road. If we truly need a Waukesha bypass lets plan on using Hwy 83 to the west. Its already being expanded to 4 lanes and will be expanded all the way to Hwy 94 someday. Stop this unnecessary waste of $51 million. This money would go a long way toward improving all the potholed and cracked roadways that we currently can't afford to fix all over Waukesha County!  Lets use some common sense and not build this road just because it's been on a map for 40 years.


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