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Protecting Waukesha County's Natural Resourses since 1978

Latest News & Comments

Latest News & Comments

West Waukesha Bypass Take Action Message

Posted on April 24, 2013 at 7:45 AM

Dear West Waukesha Bypass Opponent,

After the Public Hearing process last December, many of you have asked "what can I do now?"  Well its time to get active again!   We are ramping up our fight against the West Waukesha Bypass at this timeThe final Environmental Impact Statement is due early this summer and we need to let our legislators and the planners know that we will not be going away! 

Approximately every two to three weeks we will be sending out a "Take Action" e-mail message like this first one one below.  These messages will be short and to the point.  They will include all the information you need to Take Action to help stop the West Waukesha Bypass expansion.

Take Action Message #1

Write an e-mail or letter to each of the members of the Joint Finance Committee.   The committee has been holding hearings around the State and we need to let them know that they can save the State a lot of money.  Unfortunately, you will need to e-mail each legislator below individually.  You should be able to go to each legislators website and copy and past his/her e-mail into your address field.  Please don't just delete this e-mail.  If you can't send multiple e-mails send just oneEach and every e-mail will make a difference!   The links below will take you to each legislators website.  Most if not all will have an e-mail listed. 

Some Points To Make:

  • The Committee can save $40.1 million (The State's share of total costs) by recommending removal of funding for the West Waukesha Bypass in 2015 & 2016. 
  • We cannot afford to fix the roads we have much less build new lanes!  We have to stop spending so much on new highways.
  • There is overwhelming citizen opposition to the West Waukesha Bypass.
  • The State has many priorities and all areas must share in the cuts, including the DOT for highway building.
  • The Town of Waukesha considers the project's Memorandum of Understanding invalid because it was never approved by the Waukesha Town Board.  The Town of Waukesha has officially adopted a "No Build" position.  Much of the project is located in the Town of Waukesha.
  • The project was mapped 60 years ago as a Bypass around the west side of Waukesha, but it is no longer a BypassPlanners address this fact in the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (dEIS).  Yet the entire dEIS is written based on Bypass standards.
  • Legislators to read the public comments at the
    West Waukesha Bypass website.

Here's a sample letter.  Please make it your own by adding the problems you have with the project, but keep your e-mail shorter rather than longer.

Dear (Senator Representative), I understand that you are working right now on the State of Wisconsin's budget, and that you are looking for the public's input.  I would like to propose an opportunity to save the State a lot of money.  I'm writing to ask that you remove the West Waukesha Bypass from the State's 2015/2016 transportation budget.  This project is a waste of taxpayers money.  It is no longer a Bypass.  It's a local road project that doesn't deserve the State's $40 million contribution ($55 million total).  There is no doubt, based on the Public Hearings held in December 2012  that this project will run over budget and additional funds will be required.  The Planners have promised, 1) a bridge through the Pebble Creek Environmental Corridor, 2) Noise barriers in several sections, 3) A pedestrian bridge from neighborhoods on the west side of the highway to a grade school adjacent to the project, 4) a bridge over railroad tracks and glacial Drumlin BikeTrail.  These are just a few of the examples of the excess costs that is being promised by this project.  Please remove the funding for this unnecessary highway expansion.  These funds could be readily diverted to any number of necessary highway infrastructure repair projects sorely needed in Wisconsin.


(Your name)








Senate Members​
​Assembly Members
Senator Alberta Darling, Co-Chair​ Representative John Nygren, Co-Chair​
Senator Luther Olsen​ Representative Pat Strachota
Senator Sheila Harsdorf Representative Dale Kooyenga
Senator Joe Leibham Representative Dean Knudson
Senator Mary Lazich Representative Dan LeMahieu
Senator Glenn Grothman Representative John Klenke
Senator Jennifer Shilling Representative Cory Mason
Senator Robert Wirch Representative Jon Richards
Committee Clerk:
Joe Malkasian
Room 305 East, State Capitol
Madison, WI  53702
(608) 264-8314
Any correspondence to the Committee should be sent directly to each Joint Committee on Finance member’s office individually, including Co-Chair Darling and Co-Chair Nygren, by U.S. Mail or E-mail.  Member’s address information can be found by clicking on each of their names above.

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