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Protecting Waukesha County's Natural Resourses since 1978

Photos of Waukesha County

2007 Water Wise 2007 Water Wise 2007 Water Wise 117497730 Joseph Piatt explains.... Carroll College Professor and Water-Wise Presenter, Joseph Piatt explains how pharmaceuticals get into our water and what damage they can cause. 117496381 Informally discussing the water issues. Paul Lincoln, Peter McAvoy, Waukesha Mayor Larry Nelson, Water-Wise Planner Jim Bouman and Peter Annin informally discuss the water issue. 117496382 Speaker, Constance Lindhom Constance Lindhom, Green Building Alliance, talks about "green," sustainable building concepts to Water-Wise attendees as past Carroll College presidents beam approvingly from the wall 117496383 Optaining support signatures Waukesha Land Conservancy President, Ellen Gennrich (foreground) obtains another signature of support for the state Stewardship Fund which enables the purchase and protection of environmentally significant lands, including water table recharge areas.. 117496384