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Representing the Waukesha County community for the protection of Waukesha County's natural resources through dedicated grass-roots participation and action.

Dear Member,

As we conclude on our 40th year, I and the entire WEAL Board, would like to thank you for your previous support. We are pleased to know that you value open spaces, sound planning, and environmental stewardship. And remember, all of our efforts on large and small issues are focused right here in Waukesha County.

Some of the recent news from WEAL:

  •  After hearing our case over a year ago, Federal Court Judge Pepper finally did make a ruling in our lawsuit against Waukesha County regarding the Waukesha West Bypass. She sided with Waukesha County and agreed that the Environmental Impact Statement prepared was sufficient even though it missed several important species that are present in the area.

  •  While we were waiting on the judge’s ruling we hired a local ecologist to do a species inventory of the Pebble Creek watershed. He found various muscles in the creek including Slippershell, a threatened species in the state of Wisconsin. After obtaining this information we met with the WDNR and WDOT to discuss construction techniques that could reduce creek impacts to the aquatic communities. 

  • We are working with the WDNR as Waste Management is trying to expand the Orchard Ridge Landfill in Menomonee Falls and is wanting to excavate a Superfund site in order to do this. 

  • We have launched our Zero Waste plan for Waukesha County. As a part of this plan we viewed Racing to Zero Waste, and had over 30 people in attendance at our annual meeting. And we plan to introduce ways that you can help us with our Zero Waste campaign in the coming year.

Please help us to continue WEAL’s important work by completing and mailing (to the address below) the renewal form that is enclosed. Or renew on-line at our website: You can also connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.


Angela Reifenberg
WEAL Membership Coordinator
PO Box 1532
Brookfield, WI 53008