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Dear Friends of Waukesha County's Environment,

As we embark on our 40th year, I and the entire WEAL Board would like to thank you for your previous support.  We are pleased to know that you value open spaces, sound planning, and environmental stewardship.  And remember, all of our efforts on large and small issues are focused right here in Waukesha County.    
This summer there was a hearing for Summary Judgement in the lawsuit we filed against the Wisconsin Department of Transportation relating to the Waukesha West Bypass.  Currently we are waiting for the judge to make her ruling in this case.  However, as you drive the north portion of Highway TT you will notice the construction.  Despite our on-going lawsuit the Department of Transportation is proceeding as planned with the project.  Perhaps you also heard that Wisconsin and Southern Railroad opposes the at grade crossing on County Trunk Highway TT and is pushing for a grade separated crossing.  In addition, the Army Corps of Engineers is taking a look at threatened species in the area and the permitting applications which were previously submitted.  We are hopeful that this project can still be modified to a more environmentally responsible one.  

As some of WEAL’s recent large projects are coming to an end the WEAL Board took some time this fall to think about where we should focus our energies next.  As part of this we recently invited SEWRPC to discuss their Vision 2050 Plan.  In this plan SEWRPC encourages southeastern Wisconsin to look beyond automobiles for transportation.  And so in conjunction with SEWRPC we will encourage Waukesha County to expand bike paths and bike path connections so that bicycles can be used for recreation and transportation.  In addition, as landfills continue to expand and other areas of the country start to ban plastic bags and other waste Waukesha County is not keeping up with waste reduction.  And so the Board is discussing various components of a multi-faceted zero waste plan for our area. 

Enclosed with the renewal notice you will also find our newest brochure.  Please look through it and when you are done, pass it along to someone else that might be interested in supporting the WEAL mission.  

Won’t you please help us continue WEAL’s important work by completing and mailing (to the address below) the renewal form that is enclosed?  Or renew on-line at our website: You can also connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.  We look forward to introducing you to some new WEAL initiatives, as discussed above, in the coming year.



Angela Reifenburg                                                                        
Membership Chair  WEAL 
PO Box 1532
Brookfield, WI 53008