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Stop The West Wauksha ByPass

First of all, on behalf of all our neighbors and friends.  Thank You for Opposing the West Waukesha Bypass!  Thank you for
everything you've done, whether it was standing up at a hearing, asking questions, talking to your neighbors, or writing a letter, it all mattered.  Now, we have to keep up the fight!





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Press /   Letters to the Editor / Bypass Comments

Important West Waukesha Bypass Development and Update  12/17/2017
One of the important messages we need to send, is that even as the DOT and Waukesha County continue to build the north end of the West Waukesha Bypass our fight more.

West Waukesha ByPass Fight Continues 06/08/2017 more.

Bypass Legal Fight Update 08/31/2016 We're just a bit short of a modest summer fundraising goal. We're close enough though, that your contribution could be... read more.

05/06/2016 Formal Public Comments on the Draft Reevaluation of the Final Environmental Impact Statement for the Waukesha Bypass Project (Project ID No. 2788-01-00)

Daily Reporter 07/08/2015 Highway J Citizens Group Attorneys Call for Immediate Cancellation of Highway 164 Widening Project to  Avoid Further Federal Litigation!

A Perfect Storm by Allen Stasiewski WEAL Transportation Team Leader

Waukesha Freeman 10/18/2014 Letters to the editor

Waueksha Freeman 10/15/2014 Letters to the editor

Waukesha Freeman 10/13/2014 Letters to the editor

Waukesha Freeman 10/11/2014  Letters to the editor

Waukesha Freeman 10/09/2014 Letters to the editor

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 10/08/2014 More pressure on DOT / MJS

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 10/05/2014 Millennial boomer op-ed in

Wausau Daily Herald 10/04/2014   Wausau Daily Herald Opinion



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