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Representing the Waukesha County community for the protection of Waukesha County's natural resources through dedicated grass-roots participation and action.

  • Plans for a gasification incinerator surface in Adams, WI  read here  05/2014
  •  WEAL 4/11/2011 Letter sent to All Members of  Joint Finance Committee on Recycling Mandate and Funding Cuts (the same letter was sent to ALL Waukesha County Legislators) Read here
  •  WEAL 4/05/2011 Letter to Editor, Waukesha Freeman on Governor Walker's proposed elimination of the Recycling Mandate and Ending Municipal Recycling Grants  Read here
  • WEAL 4/04/2011 Letter sent to Governor Walker on propose Recycling Budget Cuts  Read here
  • WEAL ACTION ALERT AB-40/SB-27 Budget & Recycling     WEAL is asking you to contact Governor Walker and your State Legislators tomorrow, Monday, April 4, 2011, regarding AB-40/SB-27, the proposed Budget Bill which eliminates the recycling mandate and ends recycling grants.   The state will continue collecting a $7.00 per ton "recycling fee" for landfilling garbage. However, these funds will no longer be directed to grants for community recycling programs. Under the proposed budget, the money will be going into a new economic development fund.   WEAL does not believe it is fair for communities to pay recycling fees at landfills when the money will not benefit recycling.   Suggested Action: Please contact Governor Walker and your Legislators tell them you do not support the proposed changes.   Let them know recycling preservers resources, conserves energy, limits dependence on landfills, creates jobs, contributes to economic development and is an effective method for communities to reduce disposal costs.   Contact Governor Walker at:  (608) 266-1212 email:   To find your Legislators go to:  Charlene Lemoine Waste Issues Representative Waukesha County Environmental Action League (WEAL) 04/03/2011
  • WEAL 02/12/2011 Statement on the Oneida Seven Generations proposed Pyrolysis Project  Read here