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Through local action, public programs, newsletters, and this web site WEAL provides up-to-date information on environmental issues to the general public, teachers, county, city, and village officials and state legislators. WEAL was formed in 1978 by citizens alarmed by development threatening Waukesha County's natural resources. Since then, many WEAL members have become active in local and county government, greatly influencing the environmental well-being of Waukesha County. There is much to be done. Pressures from development continue to increase, straining resources, diminishing wildlife habitat, and spoiling Waukesha's rural environment and quality of life. Citizens should be concerned because adequate safeguards are not yet established in many areas.
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WEAL's Mission
To represent the Waukesha County community for the protection of Waukesha County's natural resources through dedicated grass-roots participation and action.
Officers & Environmental Action Representatives
Meeting Facilitators:
Laurie Longtine
Angela Reifenberg
Steve Schmuki
Secretary: Russ Evans
Asst. Secretary: Fay Amerson
Treasurer: Dave Gennrich 

Board Members
Fay Amerson
Russ Evans

Mary Hiebl
Sandy Klingensmith

Laurie Longtine
Angela Reifenberg
Rose Reinders
Steve Schmuki

Operational Representatives
Newsletter: Mary Hiebl
Angela Reifenberg 

  Environmental Action Representatives
Waste Issues
Water: Fay Amerson, Laurie Longtine 
WEAL's Meetings
WEAL holds regular monthly meetings year round. Meetings are open to the public. WEAL members are especially invited to attend. Meetings are generally held on the second Thursday of the month at 7:00 pm until roughly 9:00 pm and are held via Zoom or at various locations around the county. Meeting locations, times, and dates are subject to change so be sure to check our calendar and e-mail us here to verify that a specific meeting will take place as scheduled. 
Contact Information
You can help! Join WEAL today and contribute your time, talent, and/or dollars to protecting our valuable - and finite - Waukesha County resources. 


PO Box 1532

Brookfield, WI. 53008

Email and General Information

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