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April 24, 2024  WEAL Hosts Plastics-Free Event

At an April 24, 2024 event at the New Berlin Public Library, WEAL hosted Dr. Marissa Jablonski, executive Director of UW-Milwaukee Freshwater Collaborative of Wisconsin. Early in her presentation, she shared the five-point strategy she used at a hotel in Phuket, Thailand to eliminate single-use plastics Dr. Jablonski was asked by the US Embassy of Thailand and the Phuket Hotels Association to serve as Embassy Science Fellow to design and lead the 5-point model to help reduce their single-use plastics by more than 6 million pounds.

Jablonski began the session by asking attendees to imagine the future they want to create in ten years by
eliminating plastics. The follow-up to that vision was to create the challenge of asking what attendees were
willing to give up, how to implement the plan, work to engage government policies and extending the plan
to work with children.


Jablonski sits behind two tables filled with plastic-free items for shopping, for use in the kitchen, bathroom and household cleaning as well as a to-go kit. She herself models and uses the items recommended: glass, silicone, stainless steel deli containers for use at deli counters; produce bags and cloth grocery bags to replace plastic. Beeswax wraps in the kitchen, silicone bowl covers, Mason jars for leftovers, natural sponges, plant-based loofahs and cloth towels for cleaning. Shampoo bars , bar soap, conditioner bar, etc. in the bathroom.

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