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Dear Conservation Supporter,
With all eyes fixed on our state’s Capitol this week, it has never been more important for the Conservation community to share a united voice in support of our natural resources! In the last month I have contacted you or your organization regarding endorsement of the Conservation Priorities 2011-2012. In the challenging economic and political times we find ourselves in, we must work twice as hard to assure that our legislators understand the importance of natural resources to our economy and to our outdoor heritage.
The final deadline for your organization’s endorsement is rapidly approaching. Complete the attached document and join the growing list of organizations who have already supported the Conservation Priorities.
This year Conservation Coalition will work with our legislators to:
· Defend the Good Conservation Laws Already on the Books:
Re-establish Wisconsin Conservation Corps:
·Create a Children’s Outdoor Bill of Rights:
***The Deadline for our second printing is March 1***
What YOU can do right now:
**Please return the completed “Org Endorsement Form” so that we know we can list your group for immediate inclusion in our printed materials***
Matt Dannenberg
P.S. Be sure to register for Conservation Lobby Day and Please FORWARD this email to other group members or friends that are interested in Conservation Lobby Day or endorsing the Conservation Priorities 2011-2012.
Matt Dannenberg, Central Wisconsin Organizer
Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters
133 S. Butler St. Ste. 320, Madison, WI 53703
Office: 608.661.0845 | Fax: 608.661.0835
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