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New Wisconsin Law Exempts Pyrolysis and Gasification from solid waste facility regulations.
2017 WI Act 284 – Signed by Governor Walker on 4/16/18 
“Analysis by the Legislative Reference Bureau"
This bill exempts pyrolysis and gasification facilities from certain laws relating to solid waste facilities.
A solid waste facility is a facility for the treatment, storage, or disposal of solid waste. Under current law and rules promulgated by the Department of Natural Resources, no person may operate a solid waste facility without an operating license from DNR. In addition, most solid waste facilities must undergo a pre-construction or pre-expansion site inspection, obtain DNR approval of a plan of operation for the facility, comply with certain performance standards to avoid or minimize adverse environmental impacts, and provide proof of financial responsibility for the closure of the facility and the post-closure, long-term care of the facility.
This bill exempts pyrolysis and gasification facilities from the definition under current law of “solid waste facility.” The bill defines a pyrolysis facility as a facility where post-use plastics are heated until decomposed and then converted into other materials such as liquid fuel. Under the bill, a gasification facility is a facility where post-use plastics and certain other materials are heated and ultimately converted only into fuel or other chemical feedstock.”
SB 646 Introduced on 12/21/17 by Sen. Cowles -
Public hearing on 1/04/18 
AB 789 Introduced on 12/27/2017 by Rep. Tittl - :
Public hearing waived on 3/15/2018
Presented to Gov. Walker on 4/12/2018 and signed on 4/16/18
The Facts of Gasification April 17, 2018
On 10/02/2015 WEAL joined more than 200 organizations and leaders from across the globe by signing an open letter to the Ocean Conservancy regarding recommendations that were made in a report entitled "Stemming the Tide"
Wisconsin Supreme Court Rules in Favor of OSGC By: Charlene Lemoine
Opinion piece: Submitted to Green Bay Press Gazette on June 5, 2015
It's time for good neighbors to oppose all waste gasification projects
By Dean Hoegger and Leah Sue Dodge, Tribe Member, Oneida Tribe of Indians, WI   
New York Times Article on Incineration
Settlement Agreement Ends GEITS Gasification Incinerator Plan for Adams, WI
City of Adams / GEITS Settlement Agreement and Mutual Release (pdf)
WEAL and 130 other organizations send letter to Department of Energy over trash incineration.
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The Facts on Gasification
The Facts Don't Support Gasification - Handout
WEAL and 130 other organizations send letter to Department of Energy over trash incineration.... read more
A Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article entitled “Green energy plan raises red flags in City of Adams” describes a multifaceted agreement between the City of Adams (population 2,000) and a company called Global Environmental Infrastructure Technology more
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