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Governor Doyle Signs Great Lakes Compact! 5/27/2008
Great Lakes Compact Passes! 5/14/2008
Op Ed: Strong Compact for a strong Wisconsin best choice to protect Great lakes Steve Schmuki, 1/12/2008
Press Release: Where's the Strong Compact? 2/12/2008
Fighting the Corporate Theft of our Water April 25, 2007
Wetlands are our own hazard insurance Wisconsin State Journal 8/24/07
Two Bits of News on Waukesha Water Local Press 5/07
New Berlin Should Get Lake Michigan Water Journal Sentinel editorial 7/5/2007
Waukesha to take Water Shephard Express 6/14/2007
Waukesha Water Troubles Worsen Journal Sentinel 6/4/2007
WUWM radio segment on Waukesha's water problems WUWM, 5/16/2007
Acquiring Land may Unleash "Water War": Waukesha wants to tap aquifer, some fear effect on marsh Journal Sentinel, 5/9/2007
Pass Great Lake's Compact Now Journal Sentinel, 5/6/2007
City moves forward with proceedings for water: Waukesha to use eminent domain power for land. Freeman, 5/2/2007
How One State Senator Shoots Her District in the Foot James Rown, 4/11/2007
Going for Lake Michigan Water: New Berlin Tries again James Rowen, 4/6/2007
Wells near marsh opposed: Waukesha's quest for water not settled Journal Sentinel, 8/14/2006
WEAL's comments to City Council regarding Waukesha's potential annexation of 333 acres for its water! Letter, 7/25/2006
Milwaukee Insight: Digging Into Waukesha's Quest for Lake Michigan Water, 3/27/2006
Time to Get More Serious About Water, Sprawl and Regional Planning James Rowen, 6/20/2006
City of Waukesha's Water Conservation Plan City of Waukesha website
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