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December 1, 2021
Dear Member,
With the closing of 2021, I am taking some time to reflect on all that WEAL has participated in and accomplished during this most recent calendar year. We have responded to environmental issues and concerns, and we have been proactive with projects that will help and protect the environment for years to come. Here is a recap of some note-worthy items:
  •  Based on the results of mussel surveys we commissioned, the City of Waukesha in conjunction with the WDNR, employed stronger  environmental protections for the removal of the Railroad Bridge over the Fox River near Prairie Avenue.
  • For the second year in a row, WEAL has hired a local ecologist to perform mussel surveys. This year the surveys were performed    along the Bark River in Delafield, the Menomonee River in Menomonee Falls, and the Pewaukee River in Pewaukee.  These locations were selected because the WDOT is planning bridge reconstruction at all of these sites in 2022. WEAL will share information about species living in the rivers with the WDNR to help that agency make informed choices about the types of environmental protections that need to be used during each construction project.
  •  WEAL provided comments and helped organize neighbors living near the Boundary Road Landfill in Menomonee Falls. The landfill    expansion was approved, but it is likely a Community Advisory Committee will be formed.  This will mark the first such committee in the State of Wisconsin.
  • And finally, WEAL donated a picnic table, a sun umbrella, and watering cans to the Waukesha County Community Gardens. The Gardens are located near the Huber Facility in the City of Waukesha. If you are interested in renting a garden plot, please go to the Waukesha County website.
WEAL takes on projects large and small, all in an effort to protect the natural resources here in Waukesha County. To help continue WEAL's important work please complete and mail (to the address below) the renewal form that is enclosed. Or renew on-line at our website: You can also connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.
Angela Reifenberg
WEAL Membership Coordinator

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